Enquiry Method of Teaching Science

This method of teaching begins with a puzzling event on the basis of which some specific questions are asked by students from the teacher. These questions can be in any form. Sometimes, it can be in the form of small hypothesis, while sometimes it can be complex one also.

For instance, if teacher will boil the mercury at high temperature in the school laboratory in front of students, then it will burst out. On the basis of their observation, students can ask various questions from the teacher as what led to bursting of the mercury.

Such kind of discussion or enquiry will keep on taking place until all the queries or questions arising in the student’s mind do not get satisfied and they do not design proper hypothesis on the basis of answer or response provided by the teacher.


It is not with student’s getting satisfied after receiving answers from the teacher that they become satisfied, but they verify hypothesis designed by them with the help of various references and other works done by prominent scholars and scientists.

Thus, it is quite an interesting and useful method for teaching science as various kinds of mysterious and shocking facts are inherent in the subject of science, which can be known by the students with the help of this method in excited and thrilling manner.