Discussion Method of Teaching Science

This is an important method of teaching science, which is used in two forms by the teachers. In the first manner, teacher provides a brief introduction of the topic to the students for discussion purpose, after which students make detailed study regarding the topic under supervision of teacher.

Such kind of study process can be conducted either individually or in group form by the students. Teacher permits the students to conduct such kind of study either in the classroom or to do it on any other place where they can get necessary source for it.

For this purpose, a limited or specified time is being permitted to the students. If students find any kind of problem, then they can ask the teacher for necessary help and assistance. After cessation of permitted time, all the students are required to answer various questions imposed either by the teacher or by the other students.


Thus through such questions, a discussion begin to take place in the classroom and logical answers are obtained from the students. Teacher can ask the students to write the important points of the studies on the blackboard, or can perform this task himself also. Thus, it is in this way that some specific topic is being covered by this method.

The second manner in which this method is used by the teacher consists of introduction of topic in brief length by the teacher during which he explains various new concepts and terms in front of them. To ensure that all the students understand information provided by him and can explain their views, generally students are divided into different categories by the teacher.

Different parts of the topic are being assigned to different groups. Sometimes, provision of group leader is also made by the teacher. Consideration time is permitted to the students in which they can gather various kinds of information relating to topic.

A day is being fixed on which they will have to explain the assigned topic. On scheduled day, teacher asks various kinds of questions answers of which are provided by the students on basis of their observations and information collected through various sources. In this manner, one-by-one, all the groups are required to explain or to give their views regarding the allotted topic with sound proofs and evidences.


When to Use:

This method can be used by the teacher when number of students in the class is limited. If their number is large then use of second method can be used in which they are being divided into certain groups. Only experienced and more able student should make use of this method.