Correlation of Science with Its Branches

As said earlier that because science is a very vast subject for which experts have divided it into some specific branches, by which it’s study can become simple and easier, Ice is not possible to separate the various branches of science from each other as all these subjects or branches consist of some common features or principles.

Various scientific subjects have been developed by the science as they have realised the fact that there exist inter-dependence in among them. It is necessary to correlate a lesson in all branches of science as it is only through this that spirit of general science can be kept alive. This can also be done by making use of examples from other branches of the science.

The main branches in which subject of science are being divided are botany, physics, chemistry, agriculture, geology and physiology. More research works are being conducted to find newer subjects or branches of the general science. As all of these subjects have been originated from the general science, thus they contain some of the features present in the general science.


It is because of this reason that experts consider it difficult or impossible to taught the subject of science in isolation with other branches of it. A teacher who has specialised knowledge in one branch of science, but lacks any kind of knowledge in others cannot prove to be much successful in implementing his function and in fulfilling the set objectives.

The main reason which is found to be responsible for the fact that large number of students loses their interest from the study of science is that teachers are not ready to widen their level of knowledge through getting information relating to other branches of the science. It is also necessary for the teacher to have thorough knowledge of the limits upto which he should venture into areas which are not his own.

The main objective for which teacher should co-relate science with it’s other branches is to make the teaching and learning process more interesting and meaningful. No teacher can perform this function without getting information relating to different branches of science.

One can find various common topics in different branches of science subjects. Teacher should attempt to relate all these science subjects with each other and to bring integration among them by which interest of the students can be kept lively in the learning process and they can be encouraged to apply knowledge of one subject while acquiring other subjects also.