What is the Correlation of Science with Daily Life?


Correlation of Science with Daily Life

Today’s life is considered to be scientific life, as life of human beings have been influenced to considerable extent by the developments taking place in the fields of science and technology. All of the activities performed by human beings are governed and controlled by science to some extent and in different ways.

Scientific principles and knowledge play an important role in influencing the activities of human beings to considerable extent. Revolutionary changes have taken place in the society as a result of scientific developments. Through such changes, social and the physical environment in which human beings exist have gone through unexpected and unbelievable changes.


One of the main objective of teaching science as a part of sound liberal education is to provide background knowledge of various broad scientific principles to the students. Therefore, it becomes the duty of science teacher to bring home to his students these broad scientific principles and their many applications in daily life.

There cannot be any person in the world who can expect to live and adjust in the world by keeping himself aloof and ignorant of scientific facts and knowledge. It is for this reason that various experts are of the view that developments taking place in the science should be imparted to the students of the nation as they are the future governor of the nation. It is with this view that today science has been included in the curriculum for all the levels of students.

However, teachers should understand the fact that their main objective is not only to impart knowledge of such developmental procedures taken place in the field of science to the students, but to perform this function in such a manner by which they can make use of obtained knowledge in their daily life.

This objective can only be fulfilled if teachers will impart their knowledge by relating them with the real incidences taking place in everyday life. While imparting information of various scientific facts, teachers should make use of examples taking place in the daily life of the children.


If science teaching will be done by relating it with the actual happenings of the student’s life, then it will become more interesting and meaningful and purposeful for the students. An effective method in which science can be correlated with the everyday life of the students is to make use of community resources found in the immediate environment in which students exist or live.

It is not possible for any human being to understand the application techniques of various electronic appliances and apparatuses which have made life of human beings so comfortable and easy. If teacher does not take into account everyday experiences of the students, then teaching process will fail in fulfilling its objective.

Thus, for planning study of sciences, more importance should be provided to the excursions, tours, visits and trips by which students can get opportunity to observe the various objects and places themselves or personally.

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