What is the best Substitute for mother’s milk?


In above mentioned circumstances mother’s milk can be substituted by the supplementary food given to the infant.

Generally cow’s milk is given as a substitute. Among various animal’s milk available, cow’s milk is the best and the most suitable for the child. It is on account of its similarity in the nutritional composition with mother’s milk.

Water can be added to dilute this milk to make it more digestible. This diluted milk is low in calories, so sugar should be added to make up the deficiency.


The child should be given boiled milk because all the harmful bacteria are destroying in boiling. Disinfect all the utensils in boil in water. The amount of milk which should be given to an infant is largely depends upon the infant and it is varies from infant to infant, In case mother’s milk or pure animal milk is not available, canned milk like dried milk, evaporated milk, vitamin D enriched milk, etc., can be given to an infant .

Dried milk powder

Milk powder is prepared by drying animal milk scientifically. Its composition is similar to that of mother’s milk and an infant can easily digest it.

Advantages of dried milk powder:


• It is easily available.

• It cannot be easily adulterated.

• There are different types of milk pow­der and can be purchased according to requirement of the infant.

• These can be preserved for a long time.


Weaning or supplementary feeding

Breast milk alone is sufficient until the infant is 4-6 months-old. After that in addition i to milk some foods are required for the baby.

“The process of introducing supple­mentary foods along with the mother’s milk to an infant is known as weaning or supplementary feeding.”

This is a gradual process. It starts when supplementary foods are introduced to the child and continues until the child stops taking breast milk altogether. Any other food except I mother’s milk is known as supplementary food.

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