Nuclear medicine uses various radio isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This nuclear medicine is given orally or injected in body of the patient. The medicine contains radio isotopes.

It is used to destroy cancerous growth in any part of body. It words more quickly than any other treatment of radiotherapy.

Nuclear medicine isotopes give functional signals so that the affected spot can be easily delected. Now, it has become mandatory to prove brain death of the patient through the medium of nuclear medicine, before replacement of any organ.

Iodine-131, chromium-51, Co-57, Co-58, and Co-60, Gallium and Mercury are used as isotopes in nuclear medicine.


In India, INMAS (the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science) is researching in this field. It has contributed greatly in the radio iodine therapy for treating Goitre and further research in other fields are being conducted.