What is Management Process?


Those processes which are performed by managers are called management processes. Managers are commonly involved in planning, organizing, directing, motivating, controlling and decision-making. These processes are also termed as organizational processes because they go beyond an individual manager and affect the entire organization. Teachers have to face-work out endless varieties, disturbances and sometime unpredictability.

The function of teacher involves, directly or indirectly, basic management processes.

(i) formulate a plan of action of a year, a month or a day.


(ii) organize a debate in a classroom.

(iii) motivate learners by giving positive reinforcement on their efforts.

(iv) decide on the audio-visual aids to the used while teaching a particular topic.

(v) direct students for assignment and projects.


(vi) measures and monitor performance of the students and take corrective action as and when required.

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