What is Aranyakas? How many Aranyakas are there?


Aranyaks are the literary compositions that were thought and shaped in the forest. These are mainly focussed on philosophical and mysterious subjects.

Aranyaks are the mastery combination of the events of Sanhitas and Brahmanas as well as the philosophy of Upanishads.

There are seven Aranyaks in all, namely (i) Aitreya Aranyakas, (ii) Sankhayan Aranyak, (iii) Taittiriya Aranyak, (iv) Maitriyani Aranyak, (v) Madhyandini Vrihadaranyak, (vi) Talvakar Aranyak and (vii) Jaimini.


The religious scripture of Aranyak analytically reveals the secrets of human life. The authors of Aranyaks have made an in-depth study of the mysterious and philosophical aspects of human life and have propounded their own beliefs and principles in their contributions.

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