What do you understand by the testing of validation phase of development of Computer Assisted Learning package?



Validation should only be carried out on courses or sections where the programming part is complete. The course author can hope to get the following data when the sample has completed the course:

1. pre-test and post-test results;


2. the time spent by each student on the computer and on the overall course;

3. the responses of all the students;

4. the students’ evaluation of the course;

5. any difficulties the students may have faced.


The subjective information needed by the author is:

1. suitability of the language used; 2. subject matter;

questions; 4- presentations; 5. enjoyment.

Entry behaviour: Along with the content analysis, analysis of the target


The process of testing includes two stages:

(a) Working with small group of learners the Pilot Study

(b)Experimenting with a sample of learners from target group.

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