Personnel policies may be defined as “guides who chart the course of an organization and govern its activities towards the achievement of the purpose for which it was set up.” Policies are not the objectives; they are merely means to an end.

Policies are formulated to achieve personnel and organization objectives. It is very important that all the supervisors must know the established personnel policies in order to assure the uniform application and results.

It is the policy:

1. To pay all employees adequately for services rendered.


2. To maintain reasonable hours of work and safe working conditions.

3. To provide continuous employment consistent with business conditions.

4. To place employees in the kind of work best suited to their abilities.

5. To help each individual to progress in the company’s service.


6. To aid employees in times of need.

7. To encourage thrift.

8. To co-operate in social, athletic and other recreational activities.

9. To accord to each employee the right to discuss freely with executives any matter concerning his welfare or the company’s interest.


10. To carry on the daily work in a spirit of friendliness.