What attitude towards sex has been shown in the comedy of Manners


The amorous pair in the new comedy is free and frank in all things. However, the heroine fully understands that if she errs, she does so at her peril. So she is free in expression, but not in i action. The attitude towards sex is a rationalized one.

The woman is treated neither as goddess, I nor as plaything of men, nor as an object of pleasure, but as the companion of man with her own enchanting personality, which is to be exploited and won not by devotion or lust, but by intelligence, grace, brilliance of wit, and charm of manners.

The new comedy presents a subtle and delicate stage between passion and appetite and hence its appeal to modern times. Both the sentimental and the sensual are out of place in this comedy. The lovers love the game of love, “the chase” They want to continue the game of love up to the very end.


This conception of love and courtship lead to an ideal marriage in which the lovers prefer to retain the more r agreeable names of Mistress and Gallant. It is a polished courtship in which passion gives Place to manners. Nothing should be in excess, neither passion nor indifference, neither boldness in men, nor coyness in women-the attitude must be easy and graceful.

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