What are those reasons behind sample errors?


1. Faulty Selection of the Sample:

Some of the bias is introduced by the use of defective sampling technique for the selection of a sample, e.g., purposive or judgment sampling in which the investigator deliberately selects a representative sample to obtain certain results.

2. Substitution:


If difficulties arise in enumerating a particular sampling unit included in the random sample, the investigators usually substitute a convenient member of the population.

3. Faulty Demarcation of Sampling Units:

Bias due to defective demarcation of sampling units is particularly significant in area surveys such as agricultural experiments in the field or crop cutting surveys, etc.

4. Error Due to Bias in the Estimation Method:


Sampling method consists in estimating the parameters of the population by appropriate statistics computed from the sample. Improper choice of the estimation techniques might introduce the error.

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