What are the types of Reagents Used for Removing Stains from Clothes?


Various kinds of reagents are used in remov­ing stains from clothes. These are:

(a) Bleaching agents

(b) Alkaline reagents


(c) Acidic reagents

(d) Grease solvents and absorbents

(a) Bleaching agents.

(i) Oxidizing bleaches.


They contain oxygen which acts on the stain. Sun­light, sodium hydrochloride (Javelin water), and hydrogen peroxide are bleaching agents, (ii) Reducing bleaches. They remove oxygen trapped in the stain and colorless. Sodium bisulphate and sodium hydrosulphate are its examples.

(b) Alkaline reagents.

Acid stains are removed by such reagents, e.g., boor washing soda, and ammonia.

(c) Acidic reagents.


Certain stains like ii and rust are removed by such rage~ e.g., oxalic acid, citric acid, acetic acid and vinegar.

(d) Grease solvent and absorbents, and grease stains are removed by pet benzene, turpentine oil. Sometime, grease stain can be absorbed by powder, chalk powder and then was off through general stain remover, method.

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