According to Quran there are following three main organs of Islam religion which every Muslim ought to take them as their duty:

(i) Iman:

Iman means ‘Allah’. It implies that every Muslim must have faith on Allah and should whole heartedly obey the preaching’s of his messengers.

(ii) Ibadat:


Ibadat includes five religious activities which every Muslim must necessarily perform. These are: (a) to read Kalma, i.e. Lailah 11 Utah Muhammad Ur Rasulillah, regularly, (b) to perform namaz five times a day facing towards Mecca and on every Friday namaz should be performed in gatherings, (c) to observe roza during Ramzan, (d) Jakat, i.e., to donate the fortieth share of one’s income, and (e) to go on Haj at least once in his life time.

(iii) Ihsan:

Every Muslim must obey Quran without any reasoning and should devote himself to Allah. He should behave according to the directives of Quran.