Relationships of Science with other Scientific Fields

Unification of knowledge existing in different branches of learning is considered to be one of the main objectives of education. For accomplishment of this objective, conscious and deliberate efforts are required on the part of teachers imparting knowledge of different subjects.

As known that one of the main objective of education is to get over all development of the students, for which various subjects are being included in the curriculum. This set objective can be achieved only when these various subjects will be taught to the students while maintaining a kind of co-ordination among the different subjects. However, in reality, no such co-ordination is found among the subjects included in the school curriculum, the main reason of which is improper kind of training received by teachers.

In majority of schools of our nation, more importance is being provided to the theoretical knowledge and the examinations which are being conducted within short period of time. It is the main reason that why educational programmes are found to be examination ridden oriented.


Various steps have been taken by government organisations to bring about an integrated curriculum of science subjects, however, in this area, much is still to be done. To some extent, primary school curriculum have become integrated and well qualified teachers are being appointed for imparting education at primary level, by which students become able to get information relating to various subjects to considerable extent.

One of the most important technique or feature of modern educational system is the presence of correlation in between different subjects of the curriculum. Through such kind of system, learning process becomes more purposeful, permanent and effective in nature.

It is not possible to taught any subject in an isolated state for which it becomes necessary to impart education while maintaining a kind of co-relation among the subjects. The main concept on which this fact lies is that knowledge never exists in isolation. No subject can be considered complete in itself till it is not taught by relating with the other subjects.

As science is a very vast subject, to make its study convenient, it has been divided into some specific branches by the experts. It has caused the treatment of various subjects as a separate and isolated entity. An outcome of this is that science teaching has become a complex process, because there is lack of coordination among different scientific theories and practices.


Different branches of science are not used as supplementary for each other, as a result of which, information obtained in one branch cannot be used in other branch. This problem can be sort out only by developing feature of co-relation and co-ordination among different subjects and different branches of the science. Thus, it can be said that for achieving unity of knowledge, it is necessary to co-relate different subjects and areas of science with each other.

As said earlier that science is a very vast subject, as a result of which it can be correlated not only with its different branches, but with other areas also. The other areas with which it is being related are social and physical environment in which human beings exist and other subjects which are imparted to the students in the schools or educational institutions. In this chapter, correlation of science with all these areas has been discussed in length.

As science has affected life of human beings to considerable extent, for which we are beginning our discussion with the kind of correlation existing in between the social and physical environment of human beings and the science.