What are the problems found in our Educational System (India)?


What are the problems found in our Educational System (India)?

In spite of notable progress made in education since independence, our educational development still remains at a low level. It is faced with several problems which are briefly mentioned below:

1. Wastage of Resources:


There is a good amount of wastage of resources in our educational system. In the yield of general education, the drop-out rate is very high. It leads to wastage of financial and human resources.

2. Expensive Higher Education:

University education has mostly been expensive. It has no relevance to employment opportunities. This has caused a serious problem of educated unemployment in the country.

3. Problem of Indiscipline:


The discipline problem among students, teachers and non-teaching employees has been rising day by day. As a result of strikes, studies remain suspended over a major part of the academic session. Several institutions have become the victims of political interference.

4. Lack of Funds:

Mostly educational institutions in India are lacking in funds. Consequently, they fail to equip themselves with adequate buildings, library, laboratories and other such facilities.

5. Disparities in Standard:


Wide disparities in educational standard exist among different states and educational institutions.

6. Examination System:

Our educational system at all levels is examination oriented. It has caused many evils such as cramming, mass-copying, leakage of question papers, etc.

7. Non-academic Activities:


A quite large number of teachers are engaged in non-academic activities, so they take little interest in their academic activities. The full-time teachers take teaching a part-time job.

8. Neglect of Indian Languages:

The medium of instruction, particularly in science subjects, is still English. But our rural students and others, who are not proficient in English, suffer because of this factor. Indian languages are still under-developed. Standard publications are not available in Indian languages.

9. Problem of Brain-Drain:


When intelligent and talented persons do not get good jobs and attractive salary in the country, they prefer to go abroad for seeking jobs. Thus, India suffers from a large brain-drain.

10. Illiteracy:

Illiteracy among adults, women, scheduled castes and backward classes continues to be high.

11. Unbalanced Development:

Our educational development has mostly been unbalanced. On the one hand, there are modern public schools which are very expensive.

They are only meant for the rich. Contrary to this, there are government run and government aided ordinary schools. These schools meet the requirements of children belonging to poor families.

Rural areas and the scheduled castes/tribes are still educationally very backward. Educational disparities also exist among the different states.

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