What are the Principles of Stain Removal?


There are nine main principles of Stain Removal which are as follows:

I. Stains should be removed immediately.

II. Identify the nature of stain.


III. Dilute solution of chemical should be used to avoid damage to the clothes.

IV. Unknown stain should first be washed in cold water and then with detergent in hot water. In case, the stain persists, it should be bleached.

V. Acidic matter should be washed in alkaline medium.

VI. During removal of stains, clothes should be moved in circular motion with hands.


VII. Clothes should be washed after using chemicals for the removal of stains so that they don’t damage the fabric.

VIII. Before removing the stain from a colĀ­oured cloth, fastness of its colour should be checked.

IX. Inflammable chemicals like petrol, etc. should be used very carefully.

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