Popular Definition on the Concept of Science are as follows:

a. Fitzpatrick has defined science as a cumulative and endless series of empirical observations which help in forming various concepts and theories. According to him, with further empirical observations and studies, consideration changes or alterations can be brought about in both concepts and theories. Thus, he defined science as body of knowledge as well as process through which it is being acquired.

b. W.C. Dampier has defined science as an ordered knowledge of various natural phenomenon and rational study of relationships existing in between the concept which define or express those phenomena.

c. John Woodburn has defined science as that human endeavour which help in describing various kinds of events and circumstances taking place or existing in natural environment.


d. Oxford Dictionary has defined Science as the systematic study of structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observations and experiments.

e. Weinberg has defined Science as a specific way of looking at the world.

f. Green has defined Science as a way of conducting investigation.

Thus from analysation of above definitions, nature of science can be explained in following manner:


i. Science is a systematic and organised process as well as its outcome. In process form, it defines the ways and means in which truth can be explored while in outcome or product form, a systematic and organised body of knowledge is being presented by it.

ii. Manner in which truth is being explored is regarded more important than the mere gaining knowledge of accumulated facts, because of which process form of science is given more preference than product form.

iii. The main purpose of all the scientific studies and researches is to find out the core truth, however, obtained outcomes cannot be considered as absolute and permanent in nature.

iv. Specific methods are being used for scientific exploration and such methods are termed as Scientific Methods. Reliability, validity and impartiality are some of the features which define various scientific methods.


v. Through scientific studies, human beings can sort out various kinds of general problems, which they have to face in their daily life. This becomes possible as a result of change in attitude taking place in persons making use of scientific theories in practice. Such changed attitude is known as scientific attitude.