What are the objectives and the current achievements of human genome project?


The American government started a project called the human genome project in 1988.

The main objective of this project was to find the full structure of human genes. After that the hu­man genome project kept the target in front of it to know about the protein made by human genes. As a result it would be possible to find out the presence, decreasing number and faults of genes and likewise it would be possible to develop the process of treatment of the diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS etc. Along .with this, the progress in the treatment technique is also an objective of this project.

The greatest achievement of this project is that scientists can find out the structure of hu­man genes and successfully trace the structure of genes. It has been possible to develop the tech­nique regarding the treatment of defective genes only because of the human genome project.


The treatment of the hereditary diseases has been easier because of this project. DNA interference is a recently developed technique regarding treat­ment by which it would be possible to treat many uncureable diseases. Along with this, the devel­opment of human, physical and mental structure etc. are the main achievements of human genome project.

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