The methods used for removing stain from clothes are as follows:

1. Solvent method.

Stains which are soluble are removed by solvent method.

(a) First wash the cloth with brush.


(b) Put the stain on a blotting paper upside down.

(c) Rub stain remover on the back side.

(d) Rubbing should be from inside towards outside.

(e) Stain is absorbed by the blotting paper. Petrol, benzene, ether, etc. are various solvents used in this method.


2. Chemical method.

Stains which are not removed by using detergent and water are removed by using reagents, but later on, clothes are rinsed in water so that used reagents are completely removed. Leaving the chemical on the fabric will damage it. Usu­ally the following chemicals are used in this method-oxalic acid, chlorine, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

3. Absorbent method.

Some stains which cannot be removed by water are removed by absorbent method. Various absorbents are- talcum powder, refined flour (Maida), fuller’s earth, salt, etc.


(a) Place a blotting paper beneath the stained part of the garment.

(b) Rub the absorbent on the stain.

(c) Ironing it at high temperature, transfers the stain on the piece of blot ting paper.

Removing an unknown stain:


Some­times nature of the stain is not known. Pre­caution should be taken while removing such stains. Following steps should be followed to remove them: (i) Solvents like petrol, benzene, etc. should be used.

· Soap and water should be used.

· Hot water and soap should be used.

· Use bleach.


· Use dilutes acidic solution.

· Use dilutes alkaline solution.

· Lastly oxidizing agents should be used.

The method of washing depends upon the type of cloth and the degree of spoilage. Dust) in the upper surface is removed by brushier only, while dirt with grease is removed by washing with detergent and water.