Generally there are four method of washing which as given as follows:

(a) By friction

(b) By light pressure

(c) By application of suction


(d) By washing machines

(a) By friction. Cotton cloth, curtain, line etc. are washed by rubbing with hands or brush, or on scrubbing board. Small clothes j are rubbed with hands whereas excessively dirty clothes are cleaned by rubbing with] brush or on a scrubbing board.

(b) By light pressure. Silken and woolen clothes should be washed by light press Clothes with delicate laces are washed with light hands after applying soap. In this way, clothes are cleaned without being damaged.

(c) By application of suction. This is done by suction washer. It is avail­able in two sizes-small and big. It is made up of a non- rusting metal. In this method, the clothes are dipped into a tub contain­ing soap solution and the suction. The suction ma­chine is moved on it and the dirt is removed Towel, etc. Suction is washed by this method.


(d) By washing machine. These machines are commonly used these days. These are of three types-1. Manual washing machine, Semi-automatic machine, and 3 fully automatic machines

Manual washing machine

Soapy wa­ter and clothes are put in the machine. On switching on the machine, the clothes get agitated. Dust particles are separated and clothes get cleaned. Clothes are taken out of the machine, rinsed, squeezed and dried,

Semi-automatic machine


In this type of machine, there are two tubs. Soapy water and clothes are put in the first tub. When the machine is switched on, the clothes get agitated at a speed. The dust particles are separated. Now the clothes are transferred to the second tub, where they are rinsed, squeezed, and dried automatically.

Automatic machine

In this type of machine there is only one tub along with clock and alarm. There is a provision for auto- rinsing, squeezing and drying. On completion of the cycle, the machine stops automatically. This saves both time and labour.

For washing of clothes we need various equipments and similarly so many chemicals and aids are needed to remove dirt and clean the clothes properly. There are many steps in washing the clothes like soaking, washing, starching, applying blue, etc. During all these steps many things are needed. These are as follows: