In Parliamentary Democracy, elections play a fundamental role for the functioning of political system. There are many deficiencies and drawbacks that are self-evident in our elections.

For only a free and fair election can give the country, a suitable government, it is necessary to made some electoral reforms so that a free and fair elections, really can be held.

The criminalization of politics is the major factor to be removed and so the Politicians must be kept under strict control of forces and the electoral booth should be strictly protected.

i. Criminal records of the candidate must be published before the election.


ii. The Wealth and Property of the candidate must be publicity disclosed.

iii. An awareness should be raised among the voters about their values of votes.

iv. Before elections, awareness among voters through education must be made.

v. Some hard criminals must be held ineligible for the elections.


All these reforms can lead to free and fair elections, which have been the need of the time, for the Indian Political System.