What are the main elements of ‘frozen semen technology’?


Frozen Semen Technology:

Artificial Insemination with frozen semen is a universally accepted technology for rapid multiplication of superior germplasm in the large dairy animals. The technology has played a very vital role in the livestock production program and in the rural economy.

Embryo Transfer:


Embryo transfer is the process of removing embryos from a superior cow and placing them in a surrogate cow where they develop into a calf. The process is comparable to artificial insemination, which uses superior sperm to reproduce quality bulls.

Transgenic Animals:

A transgenic animal is one that carries a foreign gene that has been deliberately inserted into its genome. The foreign gene is constructed using recombinant DNA methodology. In addition to a structural gene, the DNA usually includes other sequences to enable it

i. To be incorporated into the DNA of the host and


ii. To be expressed correctly by the cells of the host.

DNA recombinant technique: This refers to the transfer of a gene from one organism into another organism. Recombinant DNA is amplified by transforming host cells with recombinant plasmids and isolating and identifying clones carrying the desired fragment of DNA.

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