What are the main Characteristics of Project Method of teaching?

(i) The project undertaken is complete in itself.

(ii) The project must be completed in its natural setting.

(iii) In a project there is a definite attainable goal.


(iv) Learning activities are life-like and purposeful.

(v) Students plan and direct their own learning activities.

(vi) It places emphasis as ‘Learning by Doing’.

(vii) Project is a play-way activity.


(viii) Project is really life in its unity.

Main Principles of the Project Method

(I) The Principle of Purpose

Purpose motivates learning. Interest cannot be aroused by aim­less and meaningless activities. The child must have an ideal. “Why is he doing certain things”,


(II) The Principle of Activity

Children love activity. They become active because of the in­stincts of curiosity, construction, pugnacity and herd. It is always better to provide children with certain activities both physical as well as mental they should be allowed to ‘do’ and ‘to live though doing’

(III) The Principle of Experience

Experience is the best teacher. What is real must be experienced. The children learn new facts and information through experience.


(IV) The Principle of Social Experience

The child is a social being and he has to be prepared for social life. Training for corporate life should be given to him in his child­hood. In the project method, child gets enough chance to work in groups.

(V) The Principle of Reality

Life is real and education to be meaningful must be real. The child should be fully prepared to live a real life and for this he should be trained through his education. The project method is a method of educating the child and, therefore, it must also be real.


(VI) The Principle of Freedom

The desire for an activity must be spontaneous and not forced by the teacher. The child should be free from imposition, restrictions or obstruction so that he may express himself fully and freely.

He must be given freedom to choose an activity, to do an activ­ity according to his interests, needs and capacities.

(VII) The Principle of Utility


Knowledge will be worthwhile when it is useful and practical the project method develops various attitudes and values which are of great significance from the practical point of view.

(VIII) Principle of Democratic Procedures

In project method each member of the group has equal rights, duties and responsibilities. The procedures adopted for carrying out the project are democratic.