What are the main Causes of diarrhea?


Following factors are the main causes of diarrhea:

1. Malnourishment.

Malnourished children develop many deficiencies in them, like protein-calorie deficiency, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Under such conditions body is more susceptible to infections because of lower immunity and weak digestive system. Diarrhea is very common in such conditions.


2. Unhealthy environment

Contami­nated food and water are the main causes of diarrhea. Flies are the carriers of this disease. They carry germs from dirty places and settle on food and contaminate it. Such food when consumed causes diarrhea. This disease is common in summer and rainy season.

3. Food allergy

Sensitivity to a par­ticular food is known as food allergy, e.g., if a person is allergic to egg, spinach, brinjal, etc., then their intake may lead to acute diarrhea.


4. Drugs

Some people are sensitive to certain drugs and their use lead to diarrhea, e.g., sensitivity to antibiotics, drugs, chloroquine, etc.

5. Psychological factors.

The emo­tional sensitivity of a person in a particular situation can also be the cause of diarrhea, e.g., tension of the examinee during the ex­amination, immense happiness or sorrow, etc.

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