What are the mail Principles of diet therapy?


Following principles are important in diet therapy:

1. Type of disease. It is essential to determine the diet in accordance to lt disease, otherwise it may have adverse effects e.g., low carbohydrate diet in diabetes air fibrous food in case of constipation.

2. Duration of disease. The diet should be planned after determining the duration the disease whether it is long or shoe duration. In long duration diseases theft planning should not be always same. Mackie changes from time to time is very important


3. Selection of food products cacti ding to the disease. The amount and t; of food should be changed after analyzing the modification required in food products foil curing the disease.

4. Case history of food of the patient The food habits, liking and disliking, meal timings, economic conditions, availability a food, knowledge of cooking methods, etc., should be obtained and diet should be planned accordingly.

5. Psychology of the patient. Diet cans should take care of the psychological factors of the patient. His whole personality should be considered as one unit, i.e., emotional, economic status, social status, etc,] should be kept in mind. The diet of a patient should be planned in such a way that the patient should not feel different from the others.

6. Variety and attraction in meals.


The patient is normally disturbed by his disĀ­ease and if he is given the same diet every day, he will lose interest in food. Therefore, it is important to add variety to the diet of the patient. Food should be attractive, properly cooked, and served in congenial environment.

A well planned meal is fruitful only if the patients eat it completely. Taste of the food is also very important.

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