What are the importance of enzymes?


Enzymes are a special type of Protons. They act as a class of biological catalysts. They are comprised mainly of one or more poly peptide chains of globular Proteins. Some enzymes includes covalently bond or tightly associated metal Ions, Prosthetic groups or carbohydrates. Their molecular mars may range from 10000 to several hundred thousand Da.

They are important for all biological actions in our body, synthesized in one body, some act as a Catalyst. Glucose isomerase converts glucose into fructose. Some digestive Enzymes, help in digestion of food. They convert complex matters into smaller one.

Even they are used in industries for various use. In textile industry, leather industry, Pharma companies, they have been proved very important. They can be used in food production and Preservation.


Thus, uses of enzymes are not limited in our body, for biological actions only but they are also useful in various industries also.

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