What are the Factors affecting the establishment of a retail outlet?


Proper establishment of shop is very important for success in retail trade. While deciding the location of a retail outlet the following factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Selection of the area:

Before commencing his business, a retailer should decide about the area which he would like to serve.


While deciding the area of operations, he should examine the population of the area, its nature (permanent or shifting), income level of the people, nearness to big markets, transport and communication facilities, etc. All these factors will reveal the demand potential of the area.

2. Choice of the site:

Once the area is decided, a specific site is selected for location of the retail shop. A retailer may open his shop in special markets or in residential areas.

The shop should be near the consumers in a congested locality or at a place frequently visited by the consumers. The place of location should be easily accessible to consumers.


3. Scale of operation:

A retailer should decide the size of his business. Size will depend upon his financial and managerial resources, capacity to bear risks and demand potential of the area.

4. Amount of capital:

Then the retailer has to decide the amount and sources of capital. The amount of capital required depends on the size of business, terms of trade, availability of credit, cost of decoration of shop and display of goods. Adequate finance is necessary for success in any business.


5. Decoration of shop:

The layout and decoration of shop are decided so that customers find the place attractive and comfortable for shopping. The retailer should arrange and display the goods in an attractive manner to attract more and more customers.

6. Selection of goods:

The goods to be sold are selected on the basis of the nature, status and needs of the customers. Changes in incomes, habits and fashions of customers must be considered in the choice of goods.


7. Source of supply:

The wholesalers and manufacturers from whom goods are to be pur­chased must be selected carefully. Availability of supplies, reputation of the brand, price range, and distance from the shop, means of transport, etc. should be considered.

8. Sales policy:

The retailer should adopt a suitable sales policy to increase sales and profits. Sales policy and prices should be decided keeping in mind competition and customers.

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