What are the Factors affecting food habits of adolescents?


• More conscious of their body So times undesirable meal patterns adopted by girls to reduce their weight and by boys to develop the he adverse affect of it is that they don’t get proper diet and it leads to malnutrition. In this growing age, the best way to avoid overeating and do adequate exercise

• Yearning for independence.

Adolescents want to be independent in this they want to take their decision by the selves. They choose their food and cause of this they may not get a balance diet. They don’t want to drink milk cause for them it is a food of children; copying their elders they prefer tea, c fee, etc. If parents are strict and dominating it is possible that the revolt often adolescents may be on the food.


Food habits

The acceptance of friend and acquaintances is of great important’ regarding food habits. In such cases they prefer junk food like potato chips foods like pizza, noodles, etc. Often ad lessens don’t take breakfast and select foods rich in calories but deficient in other nutrients.

Therefore, looking after their food hab­its is very important. Wrong habits may be a hindrance in their normal growth or may cause obesity, heart problems or] malnutrition.

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