Factors Affecting Curriculum Organisation

There are many factors which affect the curriculum organization and these should be considered along with the principles while organizing the curriculum. Though curriculum is the core of the whole educational enterprise, it is likely to be effected by the other aspects of education. Hence, while organizing the curriculum it is essential to keep the following factors in mind:

– Supervision and administration

– Guidance and counselling


– The environment which includes Aids, Tools

Equipments and counseling:

– Examination and evaluation.

– The text books.


– The pupils.

– The teacher.

The needs of the society, the position of the scientific knowledge and the peculiarities of the development of children who study science and primary factors which determine the content and method of science teaching. The curriculum framers should attempt to harmonize and coordinate these factors in such a way that all these are equally realized as there is a possibility of one conflicting with the other.

It is important that stress on one factor should not hamper the fulfillment of the other, for example, the need of the society should not be over- stressed to hamper with the development of children.