What are the educative values of co-curricular activities?


Co-curricular activities are not extra activities but complementary, supplementary and substitute educational programmes for an all-round development of a child. It touches all the 3 H’s programmes i.e. Head, Heart and Hand or cognitive, affective and connective programmes.

The school activities are confined to the teaching of the prescribed syllabi. Activities, which are outside the classroom, are known as co-curricular activities. It was thought that it has no link with the actual teaching programme. It has been rightly recognized that activities have tremendous educational importance.

Educational Value of Co-curricular Activities:

The following are the important points to determine the educational value:


(1) Useful in physical development:

The activities like sports, athletics and games lead to the muscular development of students. It helps to keep a sound mind in a sound body.

(2) Essential for emotional development:

The instincts are sublimated. Instincts like gregariousness and self-assertion, which are so dormant, find expression in one activity. It leads to emotional training.


(3) Essential for social development:

It helps in socializing the children. They develop social qualities like team spirit, fellow feeling, co-operation, tolerance, etc. Activities like scouting, first aid, Red Cross, community living etc. are also performed.

(4) Useful in moral development:

They develop moral experience and moral conduct. Through sports, the pupils develop sportsmanship.


(5) Academic value:

Co-curricular activities supplement class work. They enrich and widen the bookish knowledge of students.

(6) Cultural value:

The activities like dramatics, folk-dance, folk music, pageants, variety shows, celebration of social and religious functions, etc. provide glimpses of our culture.


(7) Aesthetic and recreational value:

These activities bring a health change in otherwise dull classroom routine. The pupils feel relaxed and free.

(8) Proper use of leisure time:

An idle brain is a devil’s workshop. So they must be engaged in crafts, hobbies and other activities to use leisure time.


(9) Training for leadership:

The pupils are involved in different activities, which lead to develop leadership qualities.

(10) Disciplinary value:

The students get opportunities to frame values of their life. They act according to rules. It helps to develop disciplinary value.

Therefore, in modern education system the above activities are given top priority.

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