What are the duties of a Personnel Manager?


In most modern enterprises personnel management is regarded as a specialized task and entrusted to a separate personnel department under the charge of a specialist known as Personnel Manager, who renders staff advice and service to other departments on personnel matters.

Personnel managers have a great responsibility on shoulder in promoting the optimum utilization of the human resources by providing expert professional and competent advice to management in the areas of selection of employees’ training and development, job evaluation, wage and salary administration, men-boss relations, human relations etc.

A personnel manager has an advisory position in an organisation. He is a staff officer who helps the line managers to carry out their responsibilities by providing good personnel. He gives advice to the line of officers and the workers when any problem arises. He possesses no right to make out policies.


But he advises the line managers, and the decision rests with them. The chief executive of an organisation is helped by the personnel manager in formulating policies and decisions.

He must try to win the co-operation of the line managers, employees etc. When any problem arises in relation to the personnel management, he must try to be a source of help to the employers and the workers in solving their problems.

His main aim must be to mould the human resources into an effective organisation under desirable working conditions. He must encourage mutual confidence and goodwill between the workers and the employers, as among the individual workers.

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