What are the Disadvantages of the process of interview


What are the Disadvantages of the process of interview?

Due to some psychological, social as well as educational hindrances the researcher becomes unable to conduct his interview or his interview becomes not so important. Hence he fails to get more response.

2. An unclear question asked by the interviewer does not tend the interviewee to give more answer.


3. Sometimes some researchers do not show a cordial behaviour to the candidate at the time of interview.

4. In some cases interview is not conducted due to more expenses in time and money. So the researcher prefer mailed questionnaire to interview.

5. Engaged people do not prefer long interview rather, they opt for questionnaire to attend.

6. It requires a high level of expertness. How to deal with, how to collect information, how to talk which will insist the interviewee to give his own opinion are highly required.

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