What are the Characteristics of multiple shops?


The main features of multiple shops are as follows:

1. Large size:

Multiple shops are a form of large scale retail organisation.


2. Specialisation:

Multiple shops specialise in one line or limited variety of goods of daily use. For example, Bata stores deal in footwear and related items.

3. Decentralised location:

Multiple shops are situated in different parts of the country as near to the customers as possible.


4. Centralised management:

Multiple shops operate under centralised ownership, direction and control. All shops are owned and controlled by a single firm.

5. Cash sales:

Goods are sold on cash and carry basis.


6. Uniform display:

Every shop has similar decoration, layout, window, display, etc.

7. Centralised supply:

Goods are produced or purchased centrally. Goods are supplied to various shops by the central office.


8. Uniform Prices:

Goods are sold by all the stores at uniform prices fixed by the central office.

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