Food and Nutrition:

Dietetics, Catering, Food preservation, Health clubs, Hotel management.

Resource Management:

Careers related to this are: Personal Management, Marketing, Social activities, Consumer activities, Extension programme, Financial Planner.


Human Development:

Public relation, advertising, journalism, Mass communication,

Counselor, Child care, Teaching, Research, entrepreneurship development, Interior decorator.

Textile and Clothing:


Merchandiser, Garment exporter, Textile designer, Fashion designer.

All these are presented in Fig. given below:

After acquiring knowledge in different areas of home science, one can go in for Teaching at the school or college level. Research in all the fields is another way to employ ones knowledge creatively. It is also important for the advancement in all fields to avoid stagnation.

Foods and Nutrition:


This field offers great opportunities for self employment and for job too.

Self Employment:

Catering can be lucrative business as social get-together and parties. Fast food centers are now becoming very common.

Opening a Health Club in combination with Diet Consultant can also be a good career of Self Employment because the awareness of urban people towards their health is increasing day-by-day. Running a Food Preservation centre of taking private classes to impart training for the same also provides good earning opportunities.


There are also an employment opportunities at various hospitals, hotels and health club as dieticians.

Clothing and Textiles:

This field too provides ample employment opportunities to people.

Self Employment:


Vast scope in self employment is open to textiles and clothing trained personnel. One can work as Fashion Designer after specializing in the field.

There are opportunities as an entrepreneur of in job for the same. Similarly,Textile Designer, Printing and Dyeing Boutique. Garment Exporter, Merchandiser offer good opportunities for self employment ad well as one can also get a job of Quality /Controller or Sales Executive in an export house of garment manufacturing unit.

Family Resource Management:

Interior Decorator is an upcoming field with application in home and business. With sufficient skill and talent, one can design and make and market ones own decorative items.


Employment as Interior Decorator in a firm, House Keeper in Hotel, and Reception and Financial planner are other options.

Human (Child) Development:

Opening a Child care Centre could prove to be a attractive and good paying business in the society today where more and more women are coming out of their home to get employment.