What are the agencies and programme of School Health Service?


The school health service is provided by means of:

1. School Medical Department under the charge of a school Doctor.

2. School health Education.


3. School Dispensary.

4. Red Cross unit of the school.

5. Sports Department under the charge of a qualified physical education instructor.

Programme of School Health Service


This programme will constitute of the following:

1. Medical inspection of the pupils.

2. Maintaining records of medical inspection and health of the pupils.

3. Dispatching reports to the parents about the physical health of the pupils.


4. Clinical treatment of pupils who suffer from some diseases.

5. Paying special attention to the health conditions of the pupils, e.g. postures, skin, eyes, ears, teeth, throat, chest, feet and nervous disorders.

6. Recording of history and defects regarding special cases,

7. Follow-up work about medical inspection.


8. Provision of mid-day meals and looking to the nutrition.

9. Attending to the healthful school conditions.

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