What are the Advantages of Print Media?


The multi-channel television has not led to a fall in the number and circulation of newspapers in the country; this is because of the special advantages of these media. When compared to other news media such as radio and television, buying a newspaper is extremely cheaper and provides a wide variety of information.

These media are portable without causing any inconveniences and provide good company when traveling alone or on long distances. It is possible to read and re-read them at one’s own pace and convenience.

These media cater to the intellectual needs of the serious section of the population. As they report an item at any length, people look for details of the event in news papers even after watching television or listening on radio.


Apart from these the production of print media is inexpensive as compared to production of programmes on electronic media.

In India, where illiteracy is a major problem, outreach of print media is limited but even reading aloud by literate person helps in gaining general knowledge simply by listening. It is also possible to read again if the listener has missed out, which may not be possible in case of radio.

Newspapers provide information and analysis of other media such as radio, television, books and so on.

The daily schedules of radio and television, new books published in various areas, theatre activities as well as critical analysis of radio and television programmes, books, any other theatre activities such as play, folk drama or dance and so on. Thus, newspapers provide publicity to the other mass media.


Newspapers and magazines carry advertisements as their important part. Many people buy the paper to search through the classified advertisements for a job, a second hand car, a plumber or residence. One can find out from the advertisements about the latest restaurant, bargain sales, and holiday offers.

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