Grandparents and other family members.

In joint families, in the absence of parents, grandparents take care of young children. In such families people have respect for each other.

They love and take care of each other. There is a feeling of cooperation and sharing on the basis of their relationship. In such families children develop a solid foundation in their personality. They learn positive traits regarding society, culture and religion.

These traits are passed down to children from their families. But sometimes children are spoiled in such families because of over indulgence and lack of discipline on the part of grandparents.


The child becomes obstinate and indisciplined.Very old grand­parents cannot take care of young children very well. At the time of crisis or accident sometimes they cannot take good care of the child because of their physical limitations. It has been seen that children who live in joint families develop good balanced personality as they feel wanted, loved and secured. They develop positive attitude towards society.

Advantages of grandparents’ care:

(a) The child develops in the affection, love and care of grandparents.

(b) Respect for elders, sacrifice and good social values are developed.


(c) The child feels secure even in the absence of parents.

(.d) Moral and cultural values are developed.

Disadvantages of grandparents’ care:

(a) Sometime if the relation between par­ents and grandparents is not good, then the careless and negative remarks by elders can create bad effect on the child.


(b) Sometimes due to love grandparents tend to over protect and become lenient towards the child. It makes the child obstinate and indisciplined.

(c) If the grandparents are too old then they cannot handle any emergency.