What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Self- Evaluation?


Self-evaluation is a process which deals with the value of self confidence. We should be aware of the fact that working alone has its own value and importance though it is often underrated. It is linked with introspection, self-discovery and self-realization. As a teacher we have to strive hand to bring about change in society. We want teachers to question their own ideas and practice and be open to new ideas and potential better ways of doing things.

Advantages of Self-evaluations:

(i) Self-evaluation is the first essential step in any evaluation process.


(ii) It is an expected part of teacher’s professional performance and can provide information useful for planning and teacher improvement.

(iii) It helps teacher to write descriptive account, evaluating various aspects of the performance indicating their strength and weakness.

(iv) It helps the teacher to get an opportunity to think, reflect and write down the problems and constraints.

(v) Teachers get a chance to predict their main targets for the coming year and think about their career advancement.


(vi) It helps to consider past performance to set future targets and consider career development and training needs.

Disadvantages of Self-evaluation:

(i) To promote weakness among the teacher’s capability.

(ii) Interdependency to self.


(iii) Confident teachers do not wish to appear over- confident and boastful.

(iv) Most teachers overstate the quality of their own performance relative to others.

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