A specialist teacher is one who is responsible for all work in the same subject for a number of classes. He may have a special room where he takes his classes.

A class teacher is one who is responsible for all or the major work done by a class during the year.

No hard and fast rules can be laid down which should determine the principle on which the head of an institution should allot work among the different members of the staff. Arguments can be advanced both in favour and against each type of arrangement. However, it must be admitted that for the Middle,

Secondary and Senior Secondary Stage classes, i. e., 6th, 7th, and 8U1; 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, specialist teacher system has obvious advantages as special knowledge is required at this stage and class teacher system is the most suitable one for the primary classes where no special knowledge is required.


Advantages of Specialist Teacher System

1. The specialist teacher is likely to give a clear and vivid knowledge of the subject.

2. He will introduce a variety of teaching aids to make his teaching effective and interesting.

3. He may take his classes in a special form fully equipped with the necessary material pertaining to his subject which helps in creating the necessary type of atmosphere. A specialist in history will furnish the history room with a large number of maps, charts, coins, time lines, models etc.


4. The students get a chance of coming into contact with a large number of teachers and learning a variety of things leading to broadening of their outlook.

5. The specialist teachers get time to make in depth studies, on die subject and are always on the look­out of finding new methods to make the subject easily intelligible to the students.

6. Variety in the programme is introduced as the students find a new face after ever)’ period.

7. The specialist system leads to a better co-ordination and continuity of work from class to class. If in one particular class, the courses have not been covered fully, the deficiency thus caused can be made up very easily in the next class.


8. In the specialist system, the teacher has to take the same boys from class to class and this enables him to make the best use of their previous knowledge.

9. The students will show more respect to the teachers as they come into contact with them for years together.

Disadvantages of Specialist Teacher System

1. In the specialist teacher system there is very little correlation with other subjects. The specialist may try to over-emphasize his subject.


2. In the specialist teacher system, emphasis is on the subject and not on the child. P.C. Wren writes, ‘ The subject teacher is interested in his subject”.