The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lesson-Planning are as follows:

Advantages of Lesson Planning

1. It inspires the teacher to improve the further lessons.

2. It helps the teacher in evaluating his teaching.


3. It develops self confidence in the teacher.

4. Proper care is taken on take into consideration, the level and previous knowledge of students.

5. The teaching matter is organised in a time-frame.

6. It inspires the teacher to ask proper and important questions.


7. It provides guidance to the teacher as to what and home he should teach.

8. It helps in creating the interest of students towards the lesson.

9. It stimulates the teacher to think in an organised manner.

10. It helps the teacher to understand to objectives properly.


Limitations of Lesson-Planning

1. In new or odd situations teacher feels himself helpless.

2. Sometimes simple matters become complicated.

3. More time is required to plan a lesson.


4. Teacher cannot work/teach independently.

5. There is lack of flexibility in lesson-planning.

6. The teaching process becomes more difficult.