What are the 3 important parts of adenohypophysis? (structure)


This is a large and compact structure having abundant vasculature. It is also sometimes called pars buccalis. The adenohypohysis consists of the following three parts.

1. Pars distalis:

This is the largest part of the adenohypophysis constiĀ­tuting about 75% of the pituitary. Here the cells are arranged in cords and in between the cords are found capillaries.


2. Pars tuberalis:

This is smaller than pars distalis. The cells here are polyhyderal in shape with a centrally located nucleus. The cytoplasm is full of fine granules. The cells are arranged in clusters or threads. Pars tuberalis is rarely found in man.

3. Pars intermedia:

This part of the adenohypophysis is poorly develĀ­oped in human beings.

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