Useful notes on ‘Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia’


Useful notes on ‘Ethnic Conflicts in South Asia’!

The future prospects of the subcontinent depends to a great extent on peace and stability within the region, but one of the prominent factors hindering such peace is the ethnic conflicts which is disrupting peace within South Asian nations of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh.

These ethnic conflicts can be equated with identity conflicts where the definition or construction of threats, enemies and friends plays a pivotal role.


India is long affected by ethnic conflicts in its North-Eastern states originating mainly from identity crisis. Peace in the region would boost India’s ‘Look-East Policy’.

Pakistan is also affected by conflicts among the groups like Mohazir; Biloch & Sindhi. The nation is already ravaged by being hotbed of terrorism, military coups. So, Pakistan needs to solve these conflicts not only to establish peace in the country but also in the region. Peace would help the region to prosper and to a certain extent minimise major power interests in the region.

Sri Lanka is being ravaged by ethnic conflicts between Tamils & Sinhalese. However, the Island nation is slowly returning to normalcy.

Nepal, after the demise of monarchy, is still not able to frame a Constitution and is unable to accommodate the Maoists within the constitutional frameworks because of persisting differences.


Bangladesh is passing through political instability over the years which is contributed by as well as contributing to the already existing conflicts within the country.

These conflicts need to be gradually done away with in order to usher in peace and stability in the subcontinent.

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