Transfer means and methods of solid waste


Motor vehicles, railroads, and ocean going vessels are the principal means now used to transport solid wastes. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems have also been used.

Motor Vehicle Transport

Motor vehicles used to transport solid wastes on highways should satisfy the following requirements


1. The vehicles must transport wastes at minimum costs

2. Waste must be covered during the haul operation

3. Vehicles must be designed for highway traffic

4. Vehicles capacity must be such that allowable weight limits are not exceeded


5. Methods used for unloading must be simple and dependable

Railroad Transport

Although railroads were commonly used for the transport of solid wastes in the past, they are now used by only a few communities. However, renewed interests is again developing in the use of railroads for hauling solid wastes, especially to remote areas were highway travel is difficult and railroad lines now exist.

Water transport


Barges, scows, and special boats have been used in the past to transport solid wastes to processing locations and to sea side and ocean disposal sites, but ocean disposal is no longer practiced now.

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