There are 11 major and 139 medium and small ports in India


There are 11 major and 139 medium and small ports in the country. These major ports handle nearly 90% of total imports and exports.

1. Mumbai.

It is on the Western Coast of India. It is a natural harbour. It handles nearly 20% foreign trade of the country. A long list of cargo reaches and is sent to western countries and East African countries.


Suez Canal has attributed to the importance of this port by cutting short distances between the east and the west. Another modern and mechanized port Nhava Sheva has been developed off Mumbai port which shall facilitate releasing pressure on Mumbai port.

2. Kandla.

It is a tidal port which is located at the eastern end of Rann of Kuchchh. The port handles foodgrains, fertilizers, oil, petro-chemicals etc.

3. Marmagao.


It is in the state of Goa known for export of iron ore.

4. New Mangalore.

It is on Karnataka coast. It is known for export of Kudercmulch iron ore, Fertilizers, oil etc are major imports handled by port.

5. Kochi.


It is known for imports of oil and fertilizers. The port is in the state of Kerala.

6. Tuticorin.

This port handles coal, oil, sugar, textiles is in Tamil Nadu state.

7. Chennai.


The oldest artificial harbour in India. It handles a variety of export and import items.

8. Vishakhapatnam .

It is the deepest land locked and a protected port. It lies in A.P.

9. Paradeep.




A riverine port located nearly 128 km inland from the Bay of Bengal. Kolkata is located on the bank of the Hoogli river. The port handles a variety of export and import items like tea, jute products, forest products, textiles, finished goods etc.


It is on the river Hoogli about 105 km downstream from Kolkata. The sole purpose of developing this port is to release congestion from the Kolkata port. Oil is the major item of import at Haldia.

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