The various functions of the SCERT (Orissa) may be enlisted as under


The SCERT (Orissa) has been assigned a number of responsibilities discharge. Besides performing specified functions, the SCERT has to ct as Roll-model for various educational institutions and agencies in lie state. The various functions of the SCERT may be enlisted as under :

i. Act as agent of change in school education, teacher education and non-formal education;

ii. Arrange and organise in-service training programmes for teachers, teacher-educators and inspecting officers;


iii. Supervise working of teacher-training colleges, secondary and elementary training schools;

iv. Organise programmes for the professional growth of teachers, teacher-educators and inspecting officers;

v. Produce text-books and instructional materials for use in educational institutions;

vi. Provide extension service to teacher-education institutions;


vii. Coordinate work of different extension service centres in the state; (viii) Prescribe curricula and text-books for the schools and; teacher-education centres;

viii. Conduct public examinations for class III and class V;

ix. Evaluate the outcomes of adult and non-formal education programmes;

x. Organise and implement the special educational projects sponsored by UNICEF, NCERT and other special agencies. UNICEF/UNESCO/UNFPA assisted programme and projects include


(a) Nutrition, Health Education and Environmental Sanitation

(b) Primary Education Curriculum Renewal

(c) Early Childhood Education

(d) Comprehensive Access to Primary Education


(e) Population Education

(/) Developmental Activities in Community Education and Participation

(g) Non-formal Education for Marine Fisher Folk.

2. Board of Secondary Education, Orissa


The Govt, of India appointed Secondary Education Commission in 1952. The Commission made a number of sweeping recommendations to streamline secondary education in the country, in its report presented in 1953.

It was in the same year that the Government of Orissa passed Orissa Secondary Education Act (1953) and established Board of Secondary Education to regulate and control Secondary education in the state of Orissa.

The Board of Secondary Education, Orissa comprises ex-officio members, elected members and members nominated by the State Government.

(a) Elected Members include

(i) Three members of the Orissa Legislative Assembly (M: L: A), elected from amongst the members themselves;

(ii) Three members to represent the University of Which at least two shall be college teachers and elected by the University Senate.

(b) Members nominated by the State Government include

(i) One District inspector of schools;

(ii) One nominee each from the Directorates of Industries, Agriculture, Health and Animal Husbandry;

(iii) One nominee (Tribal and Rural Welfare Department) representing Ashram Schools;

(iv) Two headmasters/headmistresses from High/Higher secondary schools (Boys/Girls);

(v) Three registered teachers of High/Higher secondary/Pre-basic schools;

(vi) Two registered teachers of Middle schools/Senior basic schools;

(vii) Two registered teachers of Girls’ Middle/Senior basic schools and Girls’ High/Higher secondary/Post-basic schools;

(viii) Two persons with special knowledge of Basic Education;

(ix) One teacher from the Orissa School of Engineering; and

(x) One technical expert in Arts and Crafts.

(c) Ex-Officio Members include:

(i) Director, Public Instructions (Schools) Orissa;

(ii) Additional/Deputy Director Public Instructions (Women), Orissa

(iii) All Inspectors of Schools

(iv) Inspector of Physical Education

(v) Secretary, Board of Basic Education

(vi) Principal, Raghunatha Training College, Cuttack;

(vii) Principal, Sadasiv Sanskrit College, Puri.

(d) Coopted Members

The Board is entitled to coopt persons as extraordinary members (maximum three), if it so desires, for any special purpose.

It is further laid down that:

The members other than ex officio and co-opted members shall hold office for a term of five years from the date of notification.

The term of co-opted members shall terminate after completion of one year from the date of co-option. About one- fourth of the nominated and elected members of the Board shall retire in rotation at the end of each year after the second year and an equal number shall be nominated or elected to fill the vacancies so caused.

When the term of office of members other than ex officio members has expired, the vacancies so arising shall be filled as soon as may be and to this end all necessary steps shall be taken by the Secretary of the Board within three months before the expiry of the said term of office.

Appointment of Committees

For the smooth and efficient functioning of the Board, a number of committees may be formed as under:

1. Education Committee to advise the Board on various academic matters such as planning of courses, orientation of studies, introduction of new courses, coordination of studies etc.

2. Syllabus Committee to make recommendations regarding

(i) Subjects syllabi

Hi) Text-books suitable for various disciplines.

3. Examination Committee to handle all matters concerning examinations, such as, appointment of paper setters, examiners, j moderators, Centre superintendents and above all, conduct of all Board examinations.

4. Recognition and Grants Committee to look into matters concerning grant or withdrawal of recognition to schools

5. Finance Committee to frame annual budget as well as examine proposals regarding generating additional income.

6. Executive Committee to control and handle matters concerning properties and funds of the Board.

7. Appeal Committee, to look into the grievances of discharged teachers.

8. Technical Education Committee to advise the Education

Committee on all matters concerning technical education;

The Board is authorised to appoint any other committee as and when necessary.

3. Board of Primary Education

In order to give a better deal to Primary Education in the State, the Government of Orissa constituted the Board of Primary Education (Orissa) vide Resolution No. 8711-E, dated the 5th of April, 1962.

Composition of the Board

The Board shall consist of as many members including the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman, as may be decided by the Government of Orissa from time to time. The Chief Minister shall be the President and the State Education Minister shall be the Vice-President. Other prominent members shall be-

(i) Deputy Secretary, Education Department -Ex-officio Secretary of the Board

(ii) D.P.I. (Schools) -Ex-officio Member

(iii) Director, Gram Panchayat -Ex-officio Member

(iv) Director, Industries -Ex-officio Member (v) Chief Engineer, PWD -Ex-officio Member

(vi) President, Board of Secondary Education -Ex-officio Member Besides, a number of registered teachers, educationists and two MLAs shall be the members of the Board.

The Working of the Board

The State Government Resolution stipulates that the Board shall ordinarily meet twice during one year in the months of February and August. The meeting of Board may, if requisitioned by at least 20 members, be convened by the President even at short intervals. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall chair the meeting of the Board.

If the Vice-President is also not available, the members present at the meeting shall select one amongst them to preside over the meeting. Under normal circumstances, at least 15 days’ notice shall be given for holding a meeting of the Board. The quorum for a meeting shall be 15 members. Every resolution at any meeting may be determined by a majority vote and thereafter sent to the State Government for their consideration and necessary action.


In order to streamline the working of the Board, the Government Resolution states that Board shall have the following committees:

1. The Syllabus Committee

The Syllabus Committee shall be referred to in matters relating to:

(i) Syllabus for Primary Classes,

(ii) Syllabus of Pre-Primary Schools,

(iii) Hand books for teachers,

(iv) Synopses on the syllabi,

(v) Approval of Prize and library books for primary schools,

(vi) Syllabuses for refresher courses connected with primary and pre-Primary schools,

(vii) Any other allied matter.

2. The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall advise the Board on the following matters

(i) Budget of the Board,

(ii) Grants to be given to Primary and Pre-Primary Schools for various purposes.

(iii) Expenditure to be incurred on schemes recommended by other Committees or proposed by the Board.

(iv) Other allied financial matters.

3. The Equipment Committee

The Equipment Committee shall advise on the matters concerning:

(i) Equipment required for Pre-Primary and Primary Schools,

(ii) Supply of equipment to workshops of Primary Schools,

(iii) Charts and apparatus,

(iv) Models,

(v) Other allied matters.

4. The Building Committee

The Building Committee will advise on the matters relating to:

(i) Buildings and accommodation necessary for primary and Pre-

Primary Schools and maintenance of such buildings, (ii) Grants for buildings to be given to Primary schools,

(iii) Acquisition and disposal of land for buildings for Primary and Pre-Primary Schools,

(iv) Other allied matters.

5. The Examination Committee

The Examination Committee shall be referred to in matters relating to:

(i) Appointment of paper-setters, examiners, translators and moderators in connection with public examinations at the end of Class V, (ii) Fixation of Examination Centres,

(iii) Regulation of pass and failure in the Primary examination,

(iv) Annual Examinations in Primary classes, (v) Malpractice in Primary Examinations,

(vi) Other matters concerning examinations at the Primary stage.

6. The Press, Preparation and Publication Committee

The Press, Preparation and Publication Committee shall be referred to in matters relating to:

(i) Preparation of text-books, (ii) Publication of text-books,

(iii) Purchase of paper, materials and machines for printing,

(iv) Selection of text-books for primary classes,

(v) Appointment of experts to write text-books, handbooks, etc. for primary classes.

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