The values of teaching history can be discussed as under:

Disciplinary Value

The study of history provides a great mental training. Memory, imagination, and the critical faculties of mind are trained through the teaching and learning of history. History aims at exactness and correctness of the facts, and tries to sift facts from fables; this emphasis on exactness helps to discipline the mind.

Informative Value


History is a great store house of knowledge and information where the child can satisfy his thirst for knowledge. Jones says, “History is a veritable mine of life- experiences and the youth of today studies history so that he may profit by the experiences of the race”. It is only this subject which describes the origin and growth civilisation. History supplies all the information about the past which can be profitably used for the solution of present day problems.

Bacon has rightly said, “Where the poetry makes men witty, mathematics subtle, natural philosophy deep, logic and rhetoric able to contend, histories make men wise”.

Educational Value

One of the best reasons for teaching history to young children is its educational value. History provides a deep insight into the motives that lie behind the individual and national actions and aspirations.


This enables the individual to understand human psychology in its practical aspect. Moreover, the knowledge of history trains the intellect of the students. The knowledge of various cultures and civilisation helps to enrich the personalities of the main objectives of education.

Ethical Value

History has great ethical value because its study automatically helps to imbibe morality. History provides us records of the lives of great men and women who led noble lives and provide excellent examples of how virtue and righteousness triumphs in the long run.

History shows the significance of great moral qualities, such as heroism, self-sacrifice, love of one’s country, and devotion to duty in a concrete and most impressive manner. It also furnishes compelling examples of conduct for the pupil’s emulation. Thus history has a great moral and ethical value.


Cultural Value

History can very well serve as an effective instrument of intellectual cultures. History exhibits to us a large number of diversified societies, prepares us to tolerate and understand a variety of customs and usages by showing us those societies have often been transformed.

Again, history enables us to understand our present culture. It explains the origin of existing state of things, our customs, our usages, and our institutions.

Political Value


The history of various nations is more or less the history of politics of these countries. Though according to the modern concept of history, it deals with the struggle and progress of the common people, in reality and in actual practice, it is an account of the working of the governments in the form of kings and emperors, which is nothing but an account of the political strategies adopted by them. Therefore, the study of history has a great political value for the students of history.

Social Value

History has a great social value. The study of history provides us with the knowledge of the evolution of various social institutions. The study of history enables us to understand the complex social phenomenon, and thus, teaches us indirectly how to conduct ourselves efficiently in society.

Vocational Value


History has its value from the vocational point of view also. A person who is well equipped with the knowledge of history has vast avenues of employment before him. If a person is interested in ancient history, he can find a good job in the archaeological department. Others can find jobs of teachers, professors and readers in the educational institutions.

Nationalistic Value

History helps to cultivate national spirit in the students. The study of history can inspire and inculcate love for one’s country because history not only informs but inspires also. History renders an effective service in imbibing the young minds with a sense of patriotism. The lives and deeds of great patriots enkindle in the young minds a deep sense of respect and reverence for one’s country.

Internationalist Value


A great fact of the modern era is that the world is fast becoming one single unit. This has been made possible by various factors and forces especially the fast means of communication and transportation.

The youth of today must, therefore, become international minded. This is greatly possible through the study of history. History is valuable for developing the idea of internationalism.