The major extra constitutional factors influencing the working of federal polity in India


Indian Political System is not fully federal in character rather it is qasi-federal. A part from a few constitutional factors like financial power, emergency power etc. given by constitution to the Union, which makes centre powers dominates over the state, some other extra-constitutional factors also exist there.

i. Rise of regional parties in different parts of Indian territory have always tried to draw more and more benefits form the centre, instead of understanding and accepting proportiality.

ii. Central Government tries to give positive biasness to the regional power where its own party or ally has formed Governments. On the other hand, the states which have governments of a political party different for or opposite to the central Governmental party have to bear bias policies of the centre.


iii. The Planning Commission is responsible for
the national planning. It is an extra constitutional body but leaning much towards the centre. Its Planning are to be passed by NDC, which also sometimes takes bias decisions towards central policies.

iv. The states have to depend for more financial assistance upon the centre. Here also political affinity plays a role.
All these are the factors responsible which influence the working of federal Policy in India.

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