The main types of office manuals are given below


The main types of office manuals are given below:

1. Policy Manual:

It contains basic policies of the company. It describes the overall limitations within which managerial actions can take place. A policy manual lays down the decision, resolutions and pronouncements of the Board of Directors regarding the policies of the company. The main objective of policy manual is to inform all decision makers regarding their limits in the matter. This does not allow anyone to cross his limits and also provides guidelines.


2. Organisational Manual:

The organisational manual contains the organisational structure, duties, rights and powers of the officials, the liabilities of each one and mutual relationships between the two of the officials, departments etc. and their interrelationship.

3. Administrative Practice Manual:

This manual consists of administrative structure, systems, procedures, methods of work of each department in the organization. This also spells out the duties, rights and responsibilities of the departments concerned. This also gives the preformed records returns etc. to be prepared from time to time.


4. Departmental Practice Manual:

It contains detailed information about the organisation, policies and procedures of one department. Inter-departmental relationships are also shown with the help of charts and diagrams. Each department has its own manual.

5. Multipurpose Manual:

This type of manuals helps the management to explain the personnel policies, rules and regulations to all employees. And this type of manual helps in eliminating misunderstanding and frictions between the management and employees.


Purpose of Office Manuals:

Three purposes of office manuals are: to make instructions definite, to find answers in connection with procedures and to improve administrative control. For the successful controlling of office, there must be complete and up-to-date office manuals which inform the employees what they have to do, when and how.

An office manual contains general information, general office rules and regulations, safety instructions, organisational policies, job description, office facilities, executive relationship, standard practices and general instructions etc.

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