The importance of activity-centred curriculum may be summed up as under:

1. Sublimation of Instincts. It helps in the sublimation of instincts like curiosity and creativeness. The children like to act along the lines of their instinctive tendencies. Their instincts are sublimated when these find expression through constructive and purposeful activities. In the absence of such activities the children may give expression to their tendencies in destructive activities.

2. Balanced Development. The activities lead to the balanced development of the child. There is coordination of hand, head and heart in the performance of activities. Therefore, these bring about physical, intellectual and emotional development of the child.

3. Social Virtues. The activities develop social virtues as these are generally group activities. Mutual dealings within the group cultivate habits of cooperation, fellow feeling and tolerance. This also develops in them social awareness.


4. Motivation. Active participation of pupils in purposeful activities arouses their interest and motivates them for learning.

5. Initiative. The pupils develop initiative, confidence and leadership qualities.

6. Preparation for life. They gain real life experiences. Activity centred curriculum prepares the students for life by providing such experiences.

7. Co-operation. There is ample scope for teacher-pupil cooperation in this type of curriculum.